a swetest dream.

a swetest dream.

oleh Obed.

i’m sitting straight beside you

in a room crowded by people

my eyes and mind are focused to you

you giggling lighty. you lean your head towards my shoulder

its raining outside

both of us can hear the droplet of water hitting the ground

you take a deep breath clearing your heart and mind

you closed your eyes and pushing your head againts my shoulder

i look into you

i reach out your head by my right hand

gently patting a big head of yours

my fingers run through your silky black hair

i swipe your hair from your hair

and i give a little sweet kiss to it

you whisper 3 words into my ear


after a little while, my phone is starting to vibrate

taking me back to the reality. it make realize that. it was all dream

a sweetest dream i ever had.



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